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About the Scientific Data Repository

The CDC Scientific Data Repository (also known as the Scientific Data Archives) provides storage and access to the CDC data sets and the documentation for CDC scientists. Customer service is available to provide assistance with data access, and limited custom data runs and analysis of public use data. Many of these data sets, and additional data that are not included here, are also directly available to the general public from the National Center for Health Statistics.

Please note:

  • Data Use Policies:
    1. Before access of any data in the Scientific Data Archives, please contact the data provider for the appropriate data release agreement.
    2. Any statistical analysis of these data should be confirmed with the data provider prior to use and/or publication.
    3. For more information, see:
      WONDER Data Use Restrictions
      NCHS Data Release Policies
  • How to access data in the repository?
    The Scientific Data Repository is stored in two libraries on the CDC mainframe computer: CC36 and CC37. No special account access permission is required to read data sets in the CC36 and CC37 libraries, all CDC mainframe accounts have access. Contact the internal CDC computer help desk for mainframe account issues, such as user name, password, connectivity.
  • How to determine the correct Data Set Name (DSN)?
    Each Scientific Data web page describing a unique data set cites the Data Set Name at the top of the page. Look for the term "DSN".
  • How to access data sets that do not begin with CC36 or CC37?
    If the data set is not in the repository, then general mainframe access for internal CDC staff is not available. You must call the CDC or NCHS program office which created the dataset in question.
  • How to access data for non-CDC researchers?
    Please note that many datasets are available to the public for download from National Center for Health Statistics; contact for more information. Other public use data sets are also available as WONDER online databases or in other CDC online information systems; see CDC WONDER by Topic for more information. If an external data request is granted by the data provider, then the researcher may be able to obtain an extract (limited sub-set) or copy of the data from CDC WONDER Support . Please provide the following details in your request:
    - purpose of data access, analysis and research
    - cite authorization for data access, or copy ("CC") the designated contact person
    - the web page address for documentation
    - the DSN to each data set
    - the specific data fields and values requested (from the record layout).
  • How to access documentation for the data?
    Dataset documentation for the Scientific Data stored in CC36 and CC37 are available at These documents are sometimes limited only to the record lay out, because other materials are not yet released at same time as the data. Please contact the data provider for additional materials.

This page last reviewed: Friday, July 25, 2014
This information is provided as technical reference material. Please contact us at to request a simple text version of this document.
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