This archive contains the entire source tree for BLAT and
associated utilities.  All files are copyrighted, but license 
is hereby granted for personal, academic, and non-profit use.  
A license is also granted for the contents of the top level 
lib and inc directories for commercial users.  Commercial 
users should contact for access to other modules.


1. Unzip this to create a blatSrc directory.
2. Check that the environment variable MACHTYPE
   exists on your system.  It should on Unix.  
   (And making this on non-Unix systems is beyond
   the scope of this README).  For a Linux 
   system MACHTYPE will probably be 'i386', for
   and Alpha it will be 'alpha', for a Sun
   probably 'sparc'.  If necessary set up
   this environment variable.  Do this under the
   bash shell as so:
       export MACHTYPE
   or under tcsh as so:
       setenv MACHTYPE something
3. Make the directory ~/bin/$MACHTYPE which is
   where the (non-web) executables will go.
   Add this directory to your path.
4. Go to the lib directory.  If it doesn't
   already exist do a mkdir $MACHTYPE.
5. If you're on an alpha system do a:
     setenv SOCKETLIB -lxnet
   on Solaris do
     setenv SOCKETLIB "-lsocket -lnsl"
   on SunOS do
     setenv SOCKETLIB "-lsocket -lnsl -lresolv"
   on Linux you can skip this step.
6. At the blatSrc directory type 'make'