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This online archive of the CDC Prevention Guidelines Database is being maintained for historical purposes, and has had no new entries since October 1998. To find more recent guidelines, please visit the following:

Prevention Guidelines

Topic: Environmental Hazards and Health

(Please note that the documents listed below are sorted by date.)

Notice to Readers Results of The Public Health Response to Pfiesteria Workshop -- Atlanta, Georgia, September 29-30, 1997; 1997:10:10

Tornado-Associated Fatalities -- Arkansas, 1997; 1997:05:16

Guidelines for Death Scene Investigation of Sudden, Unexplained Infant Deaths: Recommendations of the Interagency Panel on Sudden Infant Death Syndrome; 1996:06:21

Asthma Mortality and Hospitalization Among Children and Young Adults -- United States, 1980-1993; 1996:05:03

Carbon Monoxide Poisonings Associated with Snow-Obstructed Vehicle Exhaust Systems -- Philadelphia and New York City, January 1996; 1996:01:12

1,3-Butadiene: ATSDR Fact Sheet; 1995:09:01

2,3-Benzofuran: ATSDR Fact Sheet; 1995:09:01

Acetone: ATSDR Fact Sheet; 1995:09:01

Antimony: ATSDR Fact Sheet; 1995:09:01

Summary of Report to Congress on Workers' Home Contamination Study Conducted Under the Workers' Family Protection Act (29 U.S.C.671A); 1995:09:01

Continued Use of Drinking Water Wells Contaminated with Hazardous Chemical Substances -- Virgin Islands and Minnesota, 1981-1993; 1994:02:11

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