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Scientific Data Documentation
Postcensal Population Estimates, Race/Ethnicity, 1990-1997
CC36.CENSUS.POSTCEN.YXX (XX=90,91,92,93,94,95,96,97) 
Note:  Data is available for 1990 -1998 in one data set. 
       This documentation may be used for the 1990-1998 file and the 1999 file.

Record Layout
      Data                          Column position
year                                       1-4
state fips code                            6-7
county fips code                           8-10
age (0, 1,..., 85+)                       12-13
non-Hispanic White male pop               15-19
non-Hispanic White female pop             21-25
non-Hispanic Black male pop               27-31
non-Hispanic Black female pop             33-37
non-Hispanic American Indian male pop     39-43
non-Hispanic American Indian female pop   45-49
non-Hispanic Asian male pop               51-55
non-Hispanic Asian female pop             57-61
Hispanic White male pop                   63-67
Hispanic White female pop                 69-73
Hispanic Black male pop                   75-79
Hispanic Black female pop                 81-85
Hispanic American Indian male pop         87-91
Hispanic American Indian female pop       93-97
Hispanic Asian male pop                   99-103
Hispanic Asian female pop                105-109
Each record contains the number of individuals with a particular age, 
sex, race, and ethnic origin down to the state and county level.  With 
this level of stratification, the Census Bureau cautions that tabulations 
for a specific age will be unstable. As a result, they recommend against 
forming tables by single year of age.  The data are much more reliable 
if age categories are formed - the larger the categories, the more credible 
will be the results.


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