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Scientific Data Documentation
STF3 - SAS Code and Analysis


 This diskette contains programs which create SAS datasets
 from a 1990 U.S. Census STF3 raw file and create formatted
 reports of the STF3 census tables.

 Program creates a SAS dataset containing full STF3
 records.  This program calls macro STF903C, which calls macro
 ATTR903.  These macros must be located at the path specified in
 filename 'storage'.  The subsetting 'if' statement ('if sumlev in. . .')
 should be changed to reflect the subset desired--or omitted
 to pull all records.  The macros are found in subdirectory
 MACLIB on this diskette.

 To create report files containing STF3 tables for any
 record(s), run program  Be sure that the
 272 report programs, or the desired subset of them, are
 at the location referred to in filename 'storage'.
 Edit the subsetting 'if' statement at the beginning of
 the program to select the record(s) desired.  Delete or
 comment out any tables which are not needed in the
 report.  If all tables are written, this report is 122
 pages (263K) per STF3A record.

 The 272 report modules are found in subdirectories
 S3RPTS1 through S3RPTS9 on this diskette.  They are
 spread across 9 subdirectories because 272 files in one
 subdirectory on a floppy disk are too many for efficient
 retrieval (it takes forever to read the directory).  I
 recommend dumping all these report modules into one
 subdirectory on a hard disk.

 Macros STF903C and ATTR903 were created by John Blodgett
 at the University of Missouri-St. Louis Urban Information
 Center.  I have modified STF903C so that ID variable names
 match the Census Bureau Technical Documentation.  (John
 Blodgett's names were more descriptive, but my users use
 the tech document.)

 The labels for each line of a table come originally from
 the variable labels in macro ATTR903.  Some of the tables
 have been prettied up by editing, but most have not.
 Since variable labels are limited to 40 characters,
 sometimes the lower qualifiers do not appear in a label--
 leaving a label which could be misinterpreted.  One solution
 to this problem is to work with the Census Bureau Technical
 Documentation in hand.  A more laborious solution is to
 edit the tables you care about.  There's a tradeoff:  the
 better the tables look to the eye, the more paper/bytes they
 take--a concern when each full record prints 122 pages.
 Not so much a concern if the reports will remain online.

 At the time of this writing (September 1992), the STF3A
 data has been recalled by the Census Bureau due to errors
 in the data for mobility limitations and self-care
 limitations.  Tables P67, P68, P69, P143, P151, and
 P152 in the first release of STF3A are in error.  I have
 put an error message at the top of these tables, but
 allowed the data to print anyway.  When we start working
 with the corrected data, we will want to remove the error
 messages at the top of these tables.

 This code was written and used on a Sun Sparcstation II
 running SAS release 6.0.7.  However, it should be appropriate
 for any release of SAS.  It was run against 1990 U.S. Census
 STF3A raw data.  However, I believe the file layout for
 STF3B is identical, so it should work with that data also.
 I cannot provide support for this code--it is offered
 "as is".  However, I would appreciate hearing about any
 bugs or typos in it.

 Mary Conklin Gomberg
 Center for Health Administration Studies
 University of Chicago       Internet:
 969 E. 60th St.             Phone:     312-702-7753
 Chicago, IL 60637           Fax:       312-702-7222

  SAS Code is available in CC37.STF3.SASCODE.

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