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Scientific Data Documentation
Summary Of Surveys And Data Systems


Name, Source, Applications
                National Center for Health Statistics
                        February, 1993

                        DATA SOURCE/            SELECTED APPLICATIONS
 NAME                      METHODS               OF DATA PRODUCED

 Vital Statistics      State vital registration   *Life expectancy
 Cooperative Program                              *Causes of death
 (VSCP)                                           *Infant mortality (IM)
                                                  *Prenatal care and birthwgt.
 Received '90                                     *Birth rates
                                                  *Teenage & unmarried births
                                                  *Family formation&dissolution
                                                  *Pregnancy outcomes

 Linked Birth/Infant   Birth and death            *IM rates by birth cohort
 Death Program         certificates               *IM rates by birthweight

 87 is the latest

 National Death Index  State registration-        *Facilitates epidemiological
 (NDI)                 death certificates          followup studies
                                                  *Verification of death for
                                                   individuals under study
                                                  *Most NCHS surveys are linked
                                                   to NDI

 National Maternal    *Followback - State         *Factors associated with low
 and Infant Health     vital records               birthweight and infant death
 Survey (NMIHS)       *Interviews - mothers       *Barriers and facilitators to
                      *Hospital medical records    prenatal care
 no documentation     *Prenatal care providers    *Effects of maternal risk
                                                   factors on pregnancy
                                                  *Evaluation of prenatal care

 National Mortality   *Followback - State         *Mortality by socioeconomic
 Followback Survey     death records               factors
                                                  *Premature death
 (NMFS)               *Mail, telephone and/or     *Health care and cost of
                       personal interviews         health care
                       with informants            *Evaluation of data on death
 86 next in '93                                    certificates
                      *Hospital medical records   *Use of health care resources
                                                   in last year of life
                                                  *Disability prior to death
                                                  *Mortality associated with
                                                   suspected risk factors

 National Health      *Personal interviews        Annual data on:
 Interview Survey                                 *Health status and disability
 (NHIS)                                           *Utilization of health care
                                                  *AIDS knowledge and attitudes
 91 coming shortly                                *Family resources
                                                  Special topics include:
                                                  *Health insurance
                                                  *Year 2000 Health Objectives
                                                  *Access to care

 National Survey of   *Personal interviews        *Contraception&sterilization
 Family Growth        *Telephone reinterviews     *Teenage sexual activity &
 (NSFG)                                            pregnancy
                                                  *Family planning & unintended
 88 is the latest                                 *Breastfeeding

 Longitudinal Study   *Personal interviews        *Changes in functional
 of Aging (LSOA)      *Telephone interviews        status, living arrangements
                       and mail (Followups)       *Use of hospitals and nursing
 91 is the latest     *Medicare records            homes over time
                      *Death certificates         *Migration
                                                  *Economic status
                                                  *Death rates by social,
                                                   economic, family and health

 National Health and  *Personal interview         *Total prevalence of disease
 Nutrition            *Physical examination       or conditions including those
 Examination Survey   *Laboratory tests           unrecognized or undetected
 (NHANES)             *Nutritional assessment     *Nutrition monitoring
                                                  *Heart disease
 expected in '95                                  *Diabetes
                                                  *Iron deficiency anemia and
                                                   other nutritional disorders
                                                  *Lead exposure
                                                  *Children's growth & develop-
 NHANES I             *Longitudinal followup -    *Epidemiologic studies by PHS
 Epidemiologic         NHANES I cohort             agencies
 Followup Study                                   *Etiology of chronic disease
 (NHEFS)              *Personal and telephone      and functional impairment
                       interviews                 *Mortality & morbidity asso-
                      *Medical records -           ciated with suspected risk
                       hospitals &nursing homes    factors
 87 is the latest                                 *Hospital and nursing home
                      *death certificates          utilization

 National Health      *Hospital records           *Patient characteristics
 Care Survey (NHCS)   *Computerized data          *Length of stay
                       sources (National          *Diagnosis and multiple diag-
                       Hospital Discharge          noses
                       Survey - NHDS)             *Surgical and diagnostic pro-
 91 is the latest                                  cedures

                      *Physicians and other       *Characteristics of patients'
                       (National Ambulatory        visits to physicians
                       Medical Care Survey-       *Diagnoses and treatment
 91 avail. in 6 mths.  NAMCS)

                      *Physicians and other       *Characteristics of patients'
                       hospital staff (National    visits to hosp. outpatient
                       Hospital Ambulatory         departments (OPD) and
 will mail '91 when    Care Survey - NHAMCS)       emergency departments (ED)
 avail.                                           *Diagnoses and treatment

                      *Long term care providers   *Number & characteristics of
                      *Resident next-of-kin        residents in nursing homes
                       interviews                  (NH)
                      (National Nursing Home      *Functional status of NH
                       Survey-NNHS)                residents
                                                  *People discharged from NH
 87 is the latest                                 *Characteristics of NH
                                                  *Expenditures of NH

                      *Home health agencies       *Number of patients
                       and hospices (National     *Funct. status of patients
                       Home and Hospice Care      *# of discharged patients
 avail. (1st part)     Survey - NHHCS)            *Characteristics of home
                                                   health agencies & hospices
                                                   and their patients

                      *Health care facilities     *Charac. of hospitals,
                      *Professsional               hospices, and home health
                       associations                agencies
                       (National Health Provider  *Sampling frame for provider
 avail. in another yr.  Inventory-NHPI)            surveys

 API = Asian/Pacific Islander
 OMB categories include white, black, Asian/Pacific Islander (API), American
  Indian, American Indian/Alaska Native"
  Hispanic Origin is asked as a second question, separate from race"

Name, Planned Sample, Race/Ethnicity

 NAME                     PLANNED               RACE/ETHNICITY
                          SAMPLE                 AND SES
 Vital Statistics
 Cooperative Program    *All births, deaths,    *White, Black, 5 API
 (VSCP)                  and fetal deaths        groups,American Indian,
                        *Sample of marriages     Other
 Received '90            and divorces           *5 Hispanic groups
                        *Termination of         *Occupation in 21 states
                         pregnancy for selected *Educ. for births & deaths
                         reporting areas        *1992 +:10 API groups from
                                                7 States & NYC for deaths
 Linked Birth/Infant
 Death Program          All U.S. births and     *Same race & ethnic
                        infant deaths            groups as VSCP
 87 is the latest                               *Education

 National Death Index                           *Same race groups as
 NDI)                   All deaths               VSCP

 National Maternal
 and Infant Health     *10,000 live births     *Same race & ethnic
 Survey (NMIHS)        *4,000 fetal deaths      groups as VSCP
                       *6,000 infant deaths    *Family Income
 no documentation      *Oversample Blacks      *Education

 National Mortality    18,700 deaths of        *Same race & ethnic
 Followback Survey     persons ages 15          groups as VSCP
 (NMFS)                years and over          *Income/wealth
 86 next in '93                                *Occupation and
                                                employment history

 National Health       50,000 households       *OMB categories
 Interview Survey                              *4 Hispanic groups
 (NHIS)                                        *Family & individual
                                                income, & poverty level
 91 coming shortly                             *Education & Occupation
                                               *Type of living quarters
                                               *1992 +: 10 API groups

 National Survey of    *8,500 women 15-44      *OMB categories
 Family Growth          years of age           *4 Hispanic & 2 API groups
 (NSFG)                *Oversample Blacks      *Family & individual
                                               income, & poverty level
 88 is the latest                              *Sources of income
                                               *Education & Occupation

 Longitudinal Study    7,000 persons age       *OMB categories
 of Aging (LSOA)       70 and over in 1984     *4 Hispanic groups
                                               *Type of housing
 91 is the latest                              *Occupation & retirement
                                               *Income & income sources

 National Health and   *30,000 persons aged       All years
 Nutrition              2 months and older     *Income & poverty index
 Examination Survey     to be examined         *Education
 (NHANES)              *Oversample Blacks &    *Occupation
                        Mexican Americans      *Type of living quarters
 expected in '95                               *Social services
                                                Prior to 1982
                                               *White, Black, Other
                                                  1988 +
                                               *OMB categories

 NHANES I              *14,407 persons aged    *White, Black, API, Aleut,
 Epidemiologic          25-74 years, from       & American Indian
 Followup Study         1971-75 NHANES I       *Birthplace/ancestory
 (NHEFS)                sample                 *Income & poverty index
                       *Oversample persons in  *Education
 87 is the latest       poverty areas, women   *Occupation
                        of childbearing age &  *Type of living quarters

 National Health       *542 hospitals          *OMB categories
 Care Survey (NHCS)    *250,000 discharges

 91 is the latest

 91 avail. in 6 mths.  *3,000 physicians       *OMB categories
                        in office-based
                       *45,000 patient visits

 will mail '91 when    *600 hospitals          *OMB categories
 avail.                *90,000 patient visits

 87 is the latest      *1,200 nursing homes     *OMB categories
                       *2,800 nurses
                       *5,200 NH residents
                       *6,000 NH discharges

 avail. (1st part)     *1,500 home health      *OMB categories
                        agencies and hospices
                       *9,000 current patients
                       *9,000 discharged

 avail. in another yr. *All licensed/certified *Percentage of Nursing
                        facilities in           home, hospice and home
                        covered categories      health care residents
                                                according to OMB

 API = Asian/Pacific Islander
 OMB categories include white, black, Asian/Pacific Islander (API), American
 Indian, American Indian/Alaska Native"
 Hispanic Origin is asked as a second question, separate from race"

Name, Planned Periodicity, Status

 NAME                      PLANNED           STATUS

 Vital Statistics          Annual            Continuing
 Cooperative Program

 Received '90

 Linked Birth/Infant       Annual            Continuing; exploring
 Death Program                               link to Medicaid

 87 is the latest

 National Death Index      Annual            Continuing

 National Maternal         Every 8 years,      Completed survey of
 and Infant Health         with longitudinal   1988 events; conducting
 Survey (NMIHS)            followup            1991 Longitudinal
                                               Followup; Next full
 no documentation                              NMIHS scheduled for

 National Mortality         Every 7 years      Last conducted in 1986;
 Followback Survey                             planning 1993 survey

 86 next in '93

 National Health            Annual             Continuing 1992 survey
 Interview Survey                              with cancer risk factor
 (NHIS)                                        and youth risk behavior
                                               focus; Planning for
 91 coming shortly                             1993-94 disability survey

 National Survey of          Every 5 years     Last conducted in 1988;
 Family Growth               with subsequent   followed by 1990
 (NSFG)                      followup          telephonere interview;
                                                    planning for 1994 survey
 88 is the latest

 Longitudinal Study          Special cohort    Continuing; planning
 of Aging (LSOA)             study             2nd cohort (LSOA II)
                                               study to begin in 1994
 91 is the latest

 National Health and         Periodic, with    Currently in 4th year
 Nutrition                   longitudinal      of 6 year cycle for
 Examination Survey          followup          NHANES III; planning
 (NHANES)                                      continuous NHANES to
                                               begin in 1996
 expected in '95

 NHANES I                    Special cohort    Continuing followup
 Epidemiologic               study
 Followup Study

 87 is the latest

 National Health             Annual            Continuing; plans to
 Care Survey (NHCS)                            expand coverage to
                                               ambulatory surgery

 91 is the latest

 91 avail. in 6 mths.        Annual            Continuing

 will mail '91 when          Annual            Implementation in
 avail.                                        December 1991;

 87 is the latest            Historically       Last conducted in 1985;
                             every 4-10 years;  next survey of NH
                             converting to      proposed for 1994
                             annual cycle

 avail. (1st part)           Annual             Full implementation in
                                                Fall 1992

 avail. in another yr.       Periodic           Continuing; expanding
                                               to additional providers

Name, FY 1993-96 Plans

 NAME                                  FY 1993-96 PLANS

 Vital Statistics                   *Continue monthly, annual data system
 Cooperative Program                *Exploit new certificate items for analysis
 (VSCP)                             *Publish new model state legislation
                                    *Move toward fully automated, more timely
 Received '90                        system

 Linked Birth/Infant                *Produce files for annual cohorts
 Death Program                      *Expand analysis of existing file
                                    *Continue development of linkage with
 87 is the latest                    Medicaid files

 National Death Index               *Continue ongoing matching operations

 National Maternal                  *Complete analysis of 1988 NMIHS
 and Infant Health                  *Complete 1991 longitudinal followup
 Survey (NMIHS)                     *Conduct next full NMIHS in 1996

 no documentation

 National Mortality                 *Conduct next NMFS in 1993
 Followback Survey

 86 next in '93

 National Health                    *Continue annual survey, HIV questions
 Interview Survey                   *Fully automate data collection, 1993
 (NHIS)                             *Disability supplement, 1993/4
                                    *Year 2000 supplement, 1995
 91 coming shortly                  *Implement sample redesign, 1995/96
                                    *Implement revised core, 1995/96

 National Survey of                 *Complete analysis of Cycle IV followup
 Family Growth                      *Conduct Cycle V, 1994

 88 is the latest

 Longitudinal Study                 *Continue followup of 1984 cohort
 of Aging (LSOA)                    *conduct 2nd cohort study to begin 1994

 91 is the latest

 National Health and                *Release data from first half:  1993
 Nutrition                          *Complete NHANES III:  1994
 Examination Survey                 *Develop plans for NHANES 97+

 expected in '95

 NHANES I                           *Complete fieldwork for 1992 wave
 Epidemiologic                      *Release data from 1992 wave
 Followup Study                     *Develop plans for Wave V followup

 87 is the latest

 National Health                    *Continue annual survey of hospitals
 Care Survey (NHCS)

 91 is the latest                   *Initiate survey of ambulatory surgery:1994

 91 avail. in 6 mths.               *Continue annual survey

 will mail '91 when                 *Continue annual survey

 87 is the latest                   *Restart NNHS in 1995

 avail. (1st part)                  *Continue survey of home & hospice care

 avail. in another yr.              *Initiate fieldwork for 1994 survey

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