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Scientific Data Documentation
Multiple Cause Mortality 2002: List of 130 Selected Causes of Death
001 1 Certain infectious and parasitic diseases (A00 B99)

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Tenth Revision 130 Selected Causes of Infant Death Adapted for use by DVS        


ST: 1 = Subtotal     Limited: Sex: 1 = Males; 2 = Females

                              Age: 1 = 5 and over; 2 = 10-54; 3 = 28 days and over

                                   4 = Under 1 year; 5 = 1-4 years; 6 = 1 year and over

                                   7 = 10 years and over


***** Cause Subtotals are not identified in this file *****


130     S Limited

Recode  T Sex Age Cause Title and ICD-10 Codes Included



 001    1         Certain infectious and parasitic diseases (A00‑B99)

 002                Certain intestinal infectious diseases (A00‑A08)

 003                Diarrhea and gastroenteritis of infectious origin (A09)

 004                Tuberculosis (A16‑A19)

 005                Tetanus (A33,A35)

 006                Diphtheria (A36)

 007                Whooping cough (A37)

 008                Meningococcal infection (A39)

 009           3    Septicemia (A40‑A41)

 010                Congenital syphilis (A50)

 011                Gonococcal infection (A54)

 012    1           Viral diseases (A80‑B34)

 013                  Acute poliomyelitis (A80)

 014                  Varicella (chickenpox) (B01)

 015                  Measles (B05)

 016                  Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) disease (B20‑B24)

 017                  Mumps (B26)

 018                  Other and unspecified viral diseases (A81‑B00,B02‑B04,B06‑B19,B25,B27‑B34)

 019                Candidiasis (B37)

 020                Malaria (B50‑B54)

 021                Pneumocystosis (B59)

 022                All other and unspecified infectious and parasitic diseases


 023    1         Neoplasms (C00‑D48)

 024    1           Malignant neoplasms (C00‑C97)

 025                  Hodgkin's disease and non‑Hodgkin's lymphomas (C81‑C85)

 026                  Leukemia (C91‑C95)

 027                  Other and unspecified malignant neoplasms (C00‑C80,C88,C90,C96‑C97)

 028                In situ neoplasms, benign neoplasms and neoplasms of uncertain or unknown                                behavior (D00‑D48)

 029    1         Diseases of the blood and blood‑forming organs and certain disorders involving

                    the immune mechanism (D50‑D89)

 030                Anemias (D50‑D64)

 031                Hemorrhagic conditions and other diseases of blood and blood‑forming organs


 032                Certain disorders involving the immune mechanism (D80‑D89)

 033    1         Endocrine, nutritional and metabolic diseases (E00‑E88)

 034                Short stature, not elsewhere classified (E34.3)

 035                Nutritional deficiencies (E40‑E64)

 036                Cystic fibrosis (E84)

 037           3    Volume depletion, disorders of fluid, electrolyte and acid‑base balance


 038                All other endocrine, nutritional and metabolic diseases


 039    1         Diseases of the nervous system (G00‑G98)

 040                Meningitis (G00,G03)

 041                Infantile spinal muscular atrophy, type I (Werdnig‑Hoffman) (G12.0)

 042                Infantile cerebral palsy (G80)

 043                Anoxic brain damage, not elsewhere classified (G93.1)

 044                Other diseases of nervous system


 045              Diseases of the ear and mastoid process (H60‑H93)

 046    1         Diseases of the circulatory system (I00‑I99)

 047                Pulmonary heart disease and diseases of pulmonary circulation (I26‑I28)

 048                Pericarditis, endocarditis and myocarditis (I30,I33,I40)

 049                Cardiomyopathy (I42)

 050                Cardiac arrest (I46)

 051                Cerebrovascular diseases (I60‑I69)

 052    1         All other diseases of circulatory system

 053    1         Diseases of the respiratory system (J00‑J98)

 054                Acute upper respiratory infections (J00‑J06)

 055    1           Influenza and pneumonia (J10‑J18)

 056                  Influenza (J10‑J11)

 057                  Pneumonia (J12‑J18)

 058                Acute bronchitis and acute bronchiolitis (J20‑J21)

 059                Bronchitis, chronic and unspecified (J40‑J42)

 060                Asthma (J45‑J46)

 061                Pneumonitis due to solids and liquids (J69)

 062                Other and unspecified diseases of respiratory system


 063    1         Diseases of the digestive system (K00‑K92)

 064                Gastritis, duodenitis, and noninfective enteritis and colitis (K29,K50‑K55)

 065                Hernia of abdominal cavity and intestinal obstruction without hernia


 066                All other and unspecified diseases of digestive system (K00‑K28,K30‑K38,K57‑K92)

 067    1         Diseases of the genitourinary system (N00‑N95)

 068                Renal failure and other disorders of kidney (N17‑N19,N25,N27)

 069                Other and unspecified diseases of genitourinary system


 070    1         Certain conditions originating in the perinatal period (P00‑P96)

 071    1           Newborn affected by maternal factors and by complications of pregnancy,                        labor and delivery (P00‑P04)

 072                  Newborn affected by maternal hypertensive disorders (P00.0)

 073                  Newborn affected by other maternal conditions
                      which may be unrelated to present pregnancy (P00.1‑P00.9)

 074    1             Newborn affected by maternal complications of pregnancy (P01)

 075                    Newborn affected by incompetent cervix (P01.0)

 076                    Newborn affected by premature rupture of membranes (P01.1)

 077                    Newborn affected by multiple pregnancy (P01.5)

 078                    Newborn affected by other maternal complications of pregnancy                                            (P01.2‑P01.4,P01.6‑P01.9)

 079    1             Newborn affected by complications of placenta, cord and membranes (P02)

 080                    Newborn affected by complications involving placenta (P02.0‑P02.3)

 081                    Newborn affected by complications involving cord (P02.4‑P02.6)

 082                    Newborn affected by chorioamnionitis (P02.7)

 083                    Newborn affected by other and unspecified abnormalities of membranes                                     (P02.8‑P02.9)

 084                  Newborn affected by other complications of labor and delivery (P03)

 085                  Newborn affected by noxious influences transmitted via placenta or breast milk                           (P04)

 086    1           Disorders related to length of gestation and fetal malnutrition (P05‑P08)

 087                  Slow fetal growth and fetal malnutrition (P05)

 088    1             Disorders related to short gestation and low birthweight, not elsewhere                                  classified (P07)

 089                    Extremely low birthweight or extreme immaturity (P07.0,P07.2)

 090                    Other low birthweight or preterm (P07.1,P07.3)

 091                  Disorders related to long gestation and high birthweight (P08)

 092                Birth trauma (P10‑P15)

 093    1           Intrauterine hypoxia and birth asphyxia (P20‑P21)

 094                  Intrauterine hypoxia (P20)

 095                  Birth asphyxia (P21)

 096                Respiratory distress of newborn (P22)

 097    1           Other respiratory conditions originating in the perinatal period (P23‑P28)

 098                  Congenital pneumonia (P23)

 099                  Neonatal aspiration syndromes (P24)

 100                  Interstitial emphysema and related conditions
                        originating in the perinatal period (P25)

 101                  Pulmonary hemorrhage originating in the perinatal period (P26)

 102                  Chronic respiratory disease originating in the perinatal period (P27)

 103                  Atelectasis (P28.0‑P28.1)

 104                  All other respiratory conditions originating in the perinatal period                                     (P28.2‑P28.9)

 105    1           Infections specific to the perinatal period (P35‑P39)

 106                  Bacterial sepsis of newborn (P36)

 107                  Omphalitis of newborn with or without mild hemorrhage (P38)

 108                  All other infections specific to the perinatal period (P35,P37,P39)

 109    1           Hemorrhagic and hematological disorders of newborn (P50‑P61)

 110                  Neonatal hemorrhage (P50‑P52,P54)

 111                  Hemorrhagic disease of newborn (P53)

 112                  Hemolytic disease of newborn due to isoimmunization
                        and other perinatal jaundice (P55‑P59)

 113                  Hematological disorders (P60‑P61)

 114                Syndrome of infant of a diabetic mother and neonatal diabetes mellitus                                   (P70.0‑P70.2)

 115                Necrotizing enterocolitis of newborn (P77)

 116                Hydrops fetalis not due to hemolytic disease (P83.2)

 117                Other perinatal conditions
                      (P29,P70.3‑P70.9,P71‑P76,P78‑P81,P83.0‑P83.1, P83.3‑P83.9,P90‑P96)

 118    1         Congenital malformations, deformations and chromosomal abnormalities (Q00‑Q99)

 119                Anencephaly and similar malformations (Q00)

 120                Congenital hydrocephalus (Q03)

 121                Spina bifida (Q05)

 122                Other congenital malformations of nervous system (Q01‑Q02,Q04,Q06‑Q07)

 123                Congenital malformations of heart (Q20‑Q24)

 124                Other congenital malformations of circulatory system (Q25‑Q28)

 125                Congenital malformations of respiratory system (Q30‑Q34)

 126                Congenital malformations of digestive system (Q35‑Q45)

 127                Congenital malformations of genitourinary system (Q50‑Q64)

 128                Congenital malformations and deformations of musculoskeletal system, limbs and                           integument (Q65‑Q85)

 129                Down's syndrome (Q90)

 130                Edward's syndrome (Q91.0‑Q91.3)

 131                Patau's syndrome (Q91.4‑Q91.7)

 132                Other congenital malformations and deformations (Q10‑Q18,Q86‑Q89)

 133                Other chromosomal abnormalities, not elsewhere classified (Q92‑Q99)

 134    1         Symptoms, signs and abnormal clinical and laboratory findings, not elsewhere                             classified (R00‑R99)

 135                Sudden infant death syndrome (R95)

 136                Other symptoms, signs and abnormal clinical and laboratory findings,
                      not elsewhere classified (R00‑R53,R55‑R94,R96‑R99)

 137              All other diseases (Residual) (F01‑F99,H00‑H57,L00‑M99)

 138    1         External causes of mortality (*U01,V01‑Y84)

 139    1           Accidents (unintentional injuries) (V01‑X59)

 140    1             Transport accidents (V01‑V99)

 141                    Motor vehicle accidents
                          (V02‑V04,V09.0,V09.2,V12‑V14,V19.0‑V19.2,V19.4‑V19.6,V20‑V79,                           V80.3‑V80.5,V81.0‑ V81.1,V82.0‑V82.1,V83‑V86,


 142                    Other and unspecified transport accidents                           (V01,V05‑V06,V09.1,V09.3‑V09.9,V10‑V11,V15‑V18,V19.3,



 143                  Falls (W00‑W19)

 144                  Accidental discharge of firearms (W32‑W34)

 145                  Accidental drowning and submersion (W65‑W74)

 146                  Accidental suffocation and strangulation in bed (W75)

 147                  Other accidental suffocation and strangulation (W76‑W77,W81‑W84)

 148                  Accidental inhalation and ingestion of food or other objects                         causing obstruction of respiratory tract (W78‑W80)

 149                  Accidents caused by exposure to smoke, fire and flames (X00‑X09)

 150                  Accidental poisoning and exposure to noxious substances (X40‑X49)

 151                  Other and unspecified accidents (W20‑W31,W35‑W64,W85‑W99,X10‑X39,X50‑X59)

 152    1           Assault (homicide) (*U01,X85‑Y09)

 153                  Assault (homicide) by hanging, strangulation and suffocation (X91)

 154                  Assault (homicide) by discharge of firearms (*U01.4,X93‑X95)

 155                  Neglect, abandonment and other maltreatment syndromes (Y06‑Y07)

 156                  Assault (homicide) by other and unspecified means                                   (*U01.0-*U01.3,*U01.5-*U01.9,X85‑X90,X92,X96‑X99,Y00‑Y05,Y08‑Y09)

 157                Complications of medical and surgical care (Y40‑Y84)

 158                Other external causes (X60‑X84,Y10‑Y36)


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