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 Natality - Linked Birth/Infant Death, 2003

Linked Birth/Infant Death, 2003

Documentation of the Linked Birth/Infant Death Tape File for 2003 Data

   DSN: CC36.Natal03.Link     		(Numerator file - US)
        CC36.Natal03.Link.PS  		(Numerator file - PS (Territory))
        CC36.Natal03.UnLink   		(Unmatched file - US)
        CC36.Natal03.UnLink.PS   	(Unmatched file - PS (Territory))
        CC36.Natal03.Denom    		(Denominator file - US)
        CC36.Natal03.Denom.PS 		(Denominator file - PS (Territory))
The 2003 period linked birth/infant death data set includes several data files. The first file includes all United States of America (US) infant deaths which occurred in the 2003 data year linked to their corresponding birth certificates, whether the birth occurred in the 2003 or in 2002 - referred to as the numerator file. The second file contains information from the death certificate for all United States of America (US) infant death records, which could not be linked to their corresponding birth certificates - referred to as the unlinked death file. The third file is the 2002 National Center for Health Statistics(NCHS) natality file for the United States of America (US) (plus late filed records mentioned above) in compressed format, which is used to provide denominators for rate computations. These same three data files are also available for Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and Guam.

Source for this dataset and documentation is

Systems Programming and Statistical Resources Branch
Division of Vital Statistics,
National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS)

CC36 dataset was created on the mainframe on June, 2006 and the documentation is as of July, 2006.

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