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About Scientific Data

About the Scientific Data Repository

The CDC Scientific Data Repository (also known as the Scientific Data Archives) provides storage and access to archive CDC data sets and documentation. Customer service is available to provide assistance with data access and analysis of public-use data, for public health research. Many of these data sets, and additional data that are not included here, are also directly available to the general public from the National Center for Health Statistics.

Please note:

  • Data Use Policies:
    Any statistical analysis of these data should be confirmed with the data provider prior to use and/or publication. For more information, see:
  • How to access data in the repository?
    Please note that many datasets are available to the public for download from the specific Scientific Data Documentation page describing the data. If no link is shown, please send an email inquiry to CDC WONDER Support. The documentation materials are sometimes limited to the record lay out. Please contact the original data provider for additional materials.
  • How to access other data?
    1. Many data sets are also available from the National Center for Health Statistics; contact for more information. Other public use data sets are also available as WONDER online databases or in other CDC online information systems; see CDC WONDER by Topic for a list of CDC data sources.
    2. In addition to public-use data, researchers may request access to restricted data from other sources:

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