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Scientific Data Documentation
 National Health Interview Survey, 2005

DSN: CC37.NHIS05.CANCERXX     ( Cancer Control File)
     CC37.NHIS05.FAMILYXX     ( Family File )
     CC37.NHIS05.HOUSEHLD     ( Household File ) 
     CC37.NHIS05.INJPOIEP     ( Injury/Poison Episode File )
     CC37.NHIS05.INJVERBT     ( Injury/Poison Verbatim File )
     CC37.NHIS05.PERSONSX     ( Person File )
     CC37.NHIS05.SAMADULT     ( Sample Adult File )
     CC37.NHIS05.SAMCHILD     ( Sample Child File ) 	  

There are 8  National Health Interview Survey (NHIS) public use files for the year 2005. There are 8
corresponding file layout documentation, variable summary and frequency reports to go along with the surveys. 

  - Cancer Control File
      The Cancer Control Module was a 2005 NHIS supplement that consisted of six sections covering diet and nutrition, physical activity, 
      tobacco, cancer screening, genetic testing, and family history.  Those respondents who served as sample adults for each household also 
      participated in the Cancer Control Module.	 

  - Family File
      The Family-Level file contains variables that describe characteristics of the 39,284 families living
      in households that participated in the 2005 NHIS. Thus, each record in the file represents a unique
  - Household File
      Each record on the Household file represents a unique household included in the NHIS sample. The household
      file is considered as the base file from which all other files are built. 
  - Injury/Poison Episode File
      An Injury episode refers to the traumatic event in which the person was injured one or more times
      from an external cause. A Poisoning episode refers to the traumatic event resulting from ingestion 
      of or contact with harmful substances, as well as overdoses or wrong use of any durg or medication,
      while a poisoning condition is the acute condition or the physical harm casued by the traumatic event.

  - Injury/Poison Verbatim File
      The Verbatim Injury/Poisoning Episode file contains edited narrative text descriptions of the injury
      or poisoning provided by the respondent and includes the body part injured or poisoned, the kind of 
      injury or poisoning, and a description of how the injury or poisoning happened.

  - Person File
      The Person File contains three variables describing family type and structure in both general and deatiled 

  - Sample Adult File
      The Sample Adult section of the 2005 NHIS covers many of the subject areas included in the Family Core. 
      However, the questions in the Sample Adult section are more specific, and are intended to gather more 
      detailed information. 	    

  - Sample Child File
      The Sample Child section of the 2005 NHIS covers additonal subject area not included in the Family core. 
      The questions in the Sample Child section are more specific and are intended to gather more detailed 
      information thatn those in the Family core.

Source for this dataset and documentation is

Division of Health Interview Statistics
National Center for Health Statistics
3311 Toledo RD RM 2217
Hyattsville MD 20782
Voice: 301-458-4901

The CC36 dataset was created on the mainframe on July, 2006 and the documentation is current as of July, 2006.

Table of Contents
  Record Layouts
  Variable Summarys 
  Frequency Reports 

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