LABEL: Lineage Assignment By Extended Learning

LABEL was designed for the rapid annotation of influenza (or other virus) clades using profile Hidden Markov models and support vector machines. In particular, LABEL comes with modules to annotate clades for influenza A(H5N1) hemagluttinin gene segments as described by the WHO/FAO/OIE H5N1 nomenclature working group. For more details on LABEL, read the manuscript, the documentation, or CONTACT US (do not contact CDC Wonder).

NOTE: the SAM binaries packaged within LABEL may be used for government and/or academic use only. Commercial use and redistribution for commercial use is excluded. Use of SAM implies this license. For the rest of LABEL, please read the full license and disclaimer.

Latest versions

Annotation Modules in v0.6.1 and later

  v0.4.6 and later

Used in LABEL

Optionally called by LABEL

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