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Leading Health Indicators
at a Glance

Physical Activity (Objectives: 22-2 &22-7)Physical Activity
(Objectives: 22-2 &22-7)
Overweight and Obesity (Objectives: 19-2 &19-3c)Overweight and Obesity
(Objectives: 19-2 &19-3c)
Tobacco Use (Objectives: 27-1a & 27-2b)Tobacco Use
(Objectives: 27-1a & 27-2b)
Substance Abuse (Objectives: 26-10a, 26-10c & 26-11c)Substance Abuse
(Objectives: 26-10a, 26-10c & 26-11c)
Responsible Sexual Behavior (Objectives: 13-6 & 25-11)Responsible Sexual Behavior
(Objectives: 13-6 & 25-11)
Mental Health (Objective: 18-9b)Mental Health
(Objective: 18-9b)
Injury and Violence (Objectives: 15-15a & 15-32)Injury and Violence
(Objectives: 15-15a & 15-32)
Environmental Quality (Objectives: 8-1a & 27-10)Environmental Quality
(Objectives: 8-1a & 27-10)
Immunization (Objectives: 14-24, 14-29a & 14-29b)Immunization
(Objectives: 14-24, 14-29a & 14-29b)
Access to Health Care (Objectives: 1-1, 1-4a & 16-6a)Access to Health Care
(Objectives: 1-1, 1-4a & 16-6a)

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