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Detailed Definition for Each Objective

This option allows users to access the detailed definition for each Healthy People 2010 objective in PDF format. The definition includes information on the national data source, state data source (if applicable), survey questions used to generate the data, type of statistic, numerator and denominator specifications, baseline data year and value, target to be reached by 2010, and expected periodicity of tracking data, among other information. The definitions are provided to assist in the interpretation of the data presented for each Healthy People 2010 objective and to facilitate comparable measurement of these objectives by researchers from national, State, and local government agencies as well as those from private organizations. The definitions have been updated frequently since their initial publication in Tracking Healthy People 2010 Part B: Operational Definitions in November 2000. They will continue to be updated and posted on this website on a quarterly basis.

Once you have selected a focus area, click on 'Submit', and you will be transferred to the FTP directory which contains the individual definition for each objective. The objective number and subobjective letter (if applicable) are included in the filename. You may then click on an individual file to view the definition in PDF format.

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