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Data by a specific population group

This option allows the user to generate tables that include data from all objectives that include a specific subpopulation, also known as a select population.  Select populations included in DATA2010 at this time include: race, ethnicity, education, gender, income, disability and adolescents.  Only the data for the specific subpopulation selected are displayed in these tables.

The user has the following options for generating the table:

Select a focus area.  If the user selects Select a focus area.  If the user selects "All Focus Areas", all objectives that identify the specific population group requested will be displayed.
Select a specific population group.Select a specific population group.

If data are not available, one of four entries is shown in the table.
DNA indicates that data are available, but they have not been analyzed.  DNC indicated that these data are not collected by the data source listed.  DSU means that the data are statistically unreliable.  This situation occurs when a value can be produced from the data source, but the number of respondents is too small to be valid, the proportion of respondents with missing information is too large, or the survey does not have representative data for certain population groups.  NA indicates that the table entry is not applicable for the objective.

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