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Download Excel focus area data spreadsheet(s)

There are two FTP folders that contain data tables in Excel v5.0 spreadsheets. There is one data spreadsheet per focus area (FOCUS??.XLS) and the Leading Health Indicators (LHI.XLS).

The first folder contains standard data spreadsheets which look very similar to the interactive HTML tables generated from the DATA2010 select/submit screens.

The second folder contains spreadsheets with additional statistical information (if available), such as raw data, standard errors, and confidence intervals.

In order to separate the different file types, all statistical data folder file names are prefixed by an 'N'.

Both folders contain README.TXT files which include information about the files, and how to download them.

When you click on the 'Download Excel focus area data spreadsheet(s)' option from the DATA2010 main menu, you will be taken to a second selection screen.

From there, click on the 'Download Standard data spreadsheet(s)' option for standard data spreadsheets, or the 'Download Statistical data spreadsheet(s)' option for statistical data spreadsheets.

You can then download a data spreadsheet by clicking once on it, then supplying the file name where you would like the file saved on your computer.

To read the README.TXT file, double-click on it.

The focus area numbers and corresponding names are:

01-Access to Quality Health Services
02-Arthritis, Osteoporosis, and Chronic Back Conditions
04-Chronic Kidney Disease
06-Disability and Secondary Conditions
07-Educational and Community-Based Programs
08-Environmental Health
09-Family Planning
10-Food Safety
11-Health Communication
12-Heart Disease and Stroke
14-Immunization and Infectious Diseases
15-Injury and Violence Prevention
16-Maternal, Infant, and Child Health
17-Medical Product Safety
18-Mental Health and Mental Disorders
19-Nutrition and Overweight
20-Occupational Safety and Health
21-Oral Health
22-Physical Activity and Fitness
23-Public Health Infrastructure
24-Respiratory Diseases
25-Sexually Transmitted Diseases
26-Substance Abuse
27-Tobacco Use
28-Vision and Hearing

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