Notice: In accordance with the Paperwork Reduction Act, CDC is seeking approval from the Office of Management and Budget to collect data on this new notifiable condition. Once approval is obtained, reported cases will be published according to the criteria outlined in the Council of State and Territorial Epidemiologists position statement 23-ID-02.

Nationally Notifiable Infectious Diseases and Conditions, United States: Weekly Tables

Weekly cases* of notifiable diseases, United States, U.S. Territories, and Non-U.S. Residents week ending February 24, 2024 (Week 08)
Reporting Area Cronobacter invasive infection, infants
Current weekPrevious 52 weeks Max †Cum YTD 2024 †Cum YTD 2023 †
U.S. Residents, excluding U.S. Territories U NC U NN
New England U NC U NN
Connecticut U NC U NN
Maine U NC U NN
Massachusetts U NC U NN
New Hampshire U NC U NN
Rhode Island U NC U NN
Vermont U NC U NN
Middle Atlantic U NC U NN
New Jersey U NC U NN
New York (excluding New York City) U NC U NN
New York City U NC U NN
Pennsylvania U NC U NN
East North Central U NC U NN
Illinois U NC U NN
Indiana U NC U NN
Michigan U NC U NN
Ohio U NC U NN
Wisconsin U NC U NN
West North Central U NC U NN
Iowa U NC U NN
Kansas U NC U NN
Minnesota U NC U NN
Missouri U NC U NN
Nebraska U NC U NN
North Dakota U NC U NN
South Dakota U NC U NN
South Atlantic U NC U NN
Delaware U NC U NN
District of Columbia U NC U NN
Florida U NC U NN
Georgia U NC U NN
Maryland U NC U NN
North Carolina U NC U NN
South Carolina U NC U NN
Virginia U NC U NN
West Virginia U NC U NN
East South Central U NC U NN
Alabama U NC U NN
Kentucky U NC U NN
Mississippi U NC U NN
Tennessee U NC U NN
West South Central U NC U NN
Arkansas U NC U NN
Louisiana U NC U NN
Oklahoma U NC U NN
Texas U NC U NN
Mountain U NC U NN
Arizona U NC U NN
Colorado U NC U NN
Idaho U NC U NN
Montana U NC U NN
Nevada U NC U NN
New Mexico U NC U NN
Utah U NC U NN
Wyoming U NC U NN
Pacific U NC U NN
Alaska U NC U NN
California U NC U NN
Hawaii U NC U NN
Oregon U NC U NN
Washington U NC U NN
U.S. Territories U NC U NN
American Samoa U NC U NN
Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands U NC U NN
Guam U NC U NN
Puerto Rico U NC U NN
U.S. Virgin Islands U NC U NN
Non-U.S. Residents U NC U NN
Total U NC U NN
  • U: Unavailable — The reporting jurisdiction was unable to send the data to CDC or CDC was unable to process the data.
  • -: No reported cases — The reporting jurisdiction did not submit any cases to CDC.
  • N: Not reportable — The disease or condition was not reportable by law, statute, or regulation in the reporting jurisdiction.
  • NN: Not nationally notifiable — This condition was not designated as being nationally notifiable.
  • NP: Nationally notifiable but not published.
  • NC: Not calculated — There is insufficient data available to support the calculation of this statistic.
  • Cum: Cumulative year-to-date counts.
  • * Case counts for reporting years 2023 and 2024 are provisional and subject to change. Cases are assigned to the reporting jurisdiction submitting the case to NNDSS, if the case's country of usual residence is the U.S., a U.S. territory, unknown, or null (i.e. country not reported); otherwise, the case is assigned to the 'Non-U.S. Residents' category. Country of usual residence is currently not reported by all jurisdictions or for all conditions. For further information on interpretation of these data, see
  • † Previous 52 week maximum and cumulative YTD are determined from periods of time when the condition was reportable in the jurisdiction (i.e., may be less than 52 weeks of data or incomplete YTD data).