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Selecting a focus area

The 467 objectives in Healthy People 2010 are organized in 28 focus areas. For a list of the focus areas, see Focus Areas at a Glance. Some areas address broad issues--such as improving access to quality health services or strengthening public health infrastructure–and some address health risk behaviors–such as tobacco use or physical activity and fitness. Other focus areas are disease specific, such as cancer or arthritis, osteoporosis, and chronic back conditions.

A limited set of the objectives, known as Leading Health Indicators, are intended to help everyone more easily understand the importance of health promotion and disease prevention, and to encourage wide participation in improving health in the next decade. These objectives are grouped together under the focus area select option "Leading Health Indicators".

Under the select focus area option, the user can either select one of the 28 Focus Areas or "Leading Health Indicators".

If an asterisk (*) appears in front of the focus area name, then the focus area contains at least one measure with State data. If a carat sign (^) appears in front of the focus area name, then at least one new measure has been added since the Healthy People 2010 development.

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