IRMA: Iterative Refinement Meta-Assembler

IRMA was designed for the robust assembly, variant calling, and phasing of highly variable RNA viruses. Currently IRMA is deployed with modules for influenza, ebolavirus and coronavirus. IRMA is free to use and parallelizes computations for both cluster computing and single computer multi-core setups.

Please refer to our FAQ below or CONTACT US for further questions (do not contact CDC Wonder). The IRMA manuscript provides more background on the methodology.

Please read IRMA's full license and disclaimer.

NOTE: the SAM binaries packaged within LABEL and the BLAT binaries packaged within IRMA may be used for government and/or academic use only. Commercial use and redistribution of SAM or BLAT is excluded without permission from their authors. Please read the SAM license and BLAT license.

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*FLU A, B, C, & D

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